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The Shuswap Hiker Ladies

Hike #3, Friday, January 19th: I am going to let my knee heal for a few weeks so I will not hike this Friday but please do not let that stop you.

I suggest that if you want to hike, just meet the rest of the ladies at the same time, same place as normal and decide for yourselves where you want to hike. Meet at 1:00 in the afternoon at the LOWER parking lot at Shuswap Lake Estates (see the google map) which is positioned off of Golf Course Drive just on the opposite side of the road from Blind Bay Marketplace and Centennial Drive. We have been asked to park in the farthest corner away from the building. From there we will carpool to the trailhead. If you have trouble finding it, just stop beside the Chinese food place and look across the road, and up. That’s where everyone’ll be.

Dress for the weather, if you don’t have snowshoes it’s a good idea to wear boots with good grip — or “trax” or “spikes”. You are welcome to bring your dog if they are good with people, and with other dogs; please carry a leash, regardless of whether you think you’ll need it or not — especially if you decide to hike the golf course where all dogs must be on a leash and stay on the walkways.

If you are new to our group, and as a reminder to the regulars, be sure to put your name, a special somebody’s contact information, your Doctor’s name, your allergies or any other pertinent information onto a card-like piece of paper. Zip it into a little plastic bag and carry it in your backpack, or pocket... just in case.

Please email me and let me know how the hike turned out.

Hike #2, Friday, January 12th: We drove out to the Adams River to undecorate our tree — and then came back to Blind Bay and hiked the golf course!
Hike #1, Friday, January 5th:
It was the first hike of the year and we hiked the Highlands again.
Hike #50, Friday, December 29th:
We went back to the Highlands and snowshoed the other trail up and around by the watertank.
Hike #49, Friday, December 22nd:
We snowshoed Nanny Goat Hill, aka The Highlands.
Hike #48, Friday, December 15th:
Hiking the Blind Bay Cutoff is always fun.
Hike #47, Friday, December 8th:
We hiked the Upper Flume Trail.
Hike #46, Friday, December 1st:
We will held our Annual Christmas Party in the woods!
Hike #45, Friday, November 24th:
We hiked along the Adams River to Gold Creek.
Hike #44, Friday, November 17th:
We hiked from the Rafters Parking lot to the mouth of the Adams River
Hike #44, Friday, November 9th:
Hike #43, Friday, November 3rd: We’re hiked in a nearby field, Blind Bay Cutoff
Hike #42, Friday, October 27th: Blind Bay Lookout, taking the long route... one last opportunity before winter
Hike #41, Friday, October 20th:
We hiked the Lower Flume
Hike #40, Friday, October 13th:
We hiked to Gold Creek
Hike #39, Friday, October 6th:
Hiked up Old Baldy Mountain.
Hike #38, Friday, September 29th:
Hiked to Blind Bay Lookout
Hike #37, Friday, September 22nd:
We hiked the Upper Flume Trail.
Hike #36, Friday, September 15th:
We hiked the Upper Adams Trail
Hike #36, Friday, September 8th: Cancelled
due to excessive smoke.
Hike #35, Friday, September 1st:
Dorothy lead a hike up to White Lake Lookout.
Hike #34, Friday, August 25th:
Carol Ann lead this hike up Old Baldy Mountain.
Hike #33, Tuesday, August 22nd:
We hiked the Meadows in the Sky at Mount Revelstoke. It was wonderful!
Hike #32, Friday, August 18th:
We had planned to hike Mount Revelstoke but didn't because of the smoke. Instead we went to the Lower Flume Trail instead.
Hike #31, Friday, August 11th:
We were still cocooned in smoke and decided to hike the Lower Adams River where the paths are on flat land and we weren't overworking our lungs in the smoke.
Hike #31, Friday, August 4th, cancelled:
Temperatures are still blazing and the smoke is very bad so in an almost unprecedented move, we cancelled this hike.
Hike #30, Friday, July 28th: We met at the Shuswap Lake Estates parking lot and hiked up to Cougar Bluffs near Skimikin Lake.
Hike #29, Friday, July 21th:
We met at the Shuswap Lake Estates parking lot and Lana led the hike up Old Baldy Mountain.
Hike #28, Friday, July 14th:
Temperatures still blazing, and now smoke too! We hiked a short but beautiful hike alongside the coolness of Hiuihill Creek on a trail called the Upper Flume.
Hike #27, Friday, July 7th:
The temperatures continue to blaze so we hiked in the trees, on fairly level land along the Adams River.
Hike #26, Friday, June 30th:
We got an early start and hiked up and around Margaret Falls, it was a great hike for a hot day.
Hike #25, Friday, June23rd:
We completed our adventure that began two weeks before when we checked out the logging that had happened over the winter. It wasn't pretty.
Hike #24, Friday, June 16th: We hiked along the Adams River from the Rafters Parking lot to the bench.
Hike #23, Friday, June 9th:
We went on an adventure, hiking from the White Lake trailhead to Balmoral to see what the loggers had done to the trails over the winter. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.
Hike #22, Friday, June 2nd:
Tthe lupins were in bloom! The Shuswap Hiker Ladies headed for the meadow on Scatchard Mountain!
Hike #21, Friday May 26th:
We hiked Neskonlith Meadows.
Hike #20, Friday, May 19th
: The flowers on Neskonlith Meadows were waiting for sunshine, so we were patient and hiked the Lower Flume Trail instead. We noticed that the Upper Flume had signage... closed due to slide activity.
Hike #19, Friday, May 12th: I had scheduled a hike for Neskonlith Meadows but we hiked The Gorge instead.
Hike #18, Friday, May 5th:
The skies opened and the rain poured out, but it stopped long enough for the Shuswap Hiker Ladies to hike the Lower Adams Trail. We must live right.
Hike #17, Friday, April 28th:
We hiked the Upper Flume Trail.
Hike #16, Friday, April 21st:
We hiked Blind Bay Cutoff
Hike #15, Good Friday, April 14th:
We had to ford the water but we hiked the Upper Adams River to the bench.
Hike #14, Friday, April 7th:
We hiked the Lower Adams River
Hike #13, Friday, March 31st:
We had a lovely hike walking around on the Shuswap Lake Estates Golf Course.
Hike #12, Friday, March 24th: We hiked in Kamloops to avoid the ice and snow that’s still hanging around on the trails!
Hike #11, Friday, March 17th, St. Patricks Day: We made tracks around the farm at Blind Bay cutoff
Hike #10, Friday, March 10th:
They were still predicting more snow, and we got it, so we snowshoed up in MacArthur Heights
Hike #9, Friday, March 3rd:
The Highlands, some new trails to follow up there.
Hike #8, Friday, February 24th:
We snowshoed the Skmana Lake Cross Country Ski Trails and then came back and finished off in the Highlands.
Hike #7, Friday, February 17th:
Snowshoeing up Nanny Goat Hill in the Highlands.
Hike #6, Friday, February 10th:
Snow, snow everywhere, we snowshoed in Shuswap Lake Estates.
Hike #5, Friday, February 3rd:
We hiked from the trailhead at the very end of McBride Road in McArthur Heights
Hike #4, Friday, January 27th:
Hiking the Highlands.
Hike #3, Friday, January 20th:
We hiked the fields around the farm at Blind Bay Cutoff and undecorated our Christmas Tree.
Hike #2, Friday, January 13th:
We had a great hike around the Bay on the ice...
Hike #1, Friday, January 6th: We hiked the flat trail from the trailhead in McArthur Heights.