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What is creativity? Where does a new idea come from? How can we nurture our creative spirits and give ourselves permission to become more flexible; to leave the outside world and make space within our own environment to create. It takes courage to become a innovative artist! Courage and hard work — that’s why we need each other. When artists come together our collective creative spirits reach out to one another and work together to nourish us from within. And chances are good that you might meet some of these creative spirits at one of our events!

The Arts OnSite with Lady Nature
This is our newest initiative! Do you write, dance, play in theatre, paint, draw, compose music or pursue any other creative passion in the arts? If you do, then you are invited to join in and participate in The Arts OnSite with Lady Nature. Beginning Monday, May 1st at 9:00 a.m. we will meet weekly in the far northwest corner of the Shuswap Lake Estates parking lot, lower level. From here we will carpool to a preselected outdoor space→ to spend the day creating and enjoying nature. Got questions? Want to be on an email contact list? Contact me here.

Reading-writing and literature sessions
Our current session is upcoming; the deadline for authors is September 15, 2017
We send out a call to authors, four times each year, to provide them with the opportunity to have a group of readers spend time reading, discussing and responding to a piece, or pieces, of their work. This is a voluntary activity. We are not critics, only readers, and speak from that perspective. If you are interested in including your work in our next session, we invite you to register here. If you are an avid reader and would like to be one of our readers, there is a space for you to register here. Our readers meeting is planned for Monday, October 16th at 7:00 in the evening at Blind Bay.



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