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Past Projects

The Arts are a positive force in the community. They are a powerful vehicle for communication, carrying ideas and expressing them in ways that are new and freeing. When we create or appreciate art, it arouses joy, or sadness, or any number of other emotions. For the artist, bringing a work of art to completion is sometimes a lonely journey, one that can benefit from exposure to others. The goal of The Third House is to facilitate and promote The Arts in the Shuswap. Sometimes we provide an opportunity to learn, other times to play. At the heart of our projects is the desire to allow artists to reach out and touch another.

Website building and Blogging workshop

The purpose of this workshop was to provide creative individuals with an opportunity for self promotion by teaching them to build their own website using Wordpress themes and for those who wished, how to add a picture portfolio. The workshop was be held in November 2016 at Blind Bay Hall, 2510 Blind Bay Road. Now, we watch as new sites are springing up: Art in the Shuswap, and Susanne Berg’s Paintings.

Scriptwriting workshop

A scriptwriting workshop was held in October and November at the Okanagan Regional Library, South Shuswap Branch. Part of our focus was to create a Community Play for the South Shuswap, but participants with other writing interests were welcome to attend and found the activities productive and enjoyable. The end result was a public performance of an old time radio play at Cedar Centre in Blind Bay. The scripts presented were Mrs. Stiles Boarding House written by Susan McLellan and Losing It written by June Welter. These plays were aired on Voice of the Shuswap 93.7 FM

Literary works

Our goal is to provide authors with the opportunity to have a group of readers spend time reading, discussing and responding to a piece, or pieces, of their work. This is a voluntary activity. We are not critics, only readers, and speak from that perspective. We find that through this process, our readers feel empowered by the opportunity to speak “directly” to a writer, and our authors are glad to have the in-depth analysis. If you are interested in participating in our next session, watch for it on our Upcoming Events page or register your name here and we will contact you. We hold these sessions every three months.

Photography workshop

A workshop titled, Getting to know your Camera, with Sara Schreiner was held on October 23 – 25, 2015 at the Cedar Centre in Cedar Heights. It was an opportunity for up and coming photographers to get to know their cameras better to get the best possible images. Through the knowledge of the inner workings of their camera they can now tackle the creativity and freedom that comes with having full control!


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