Want feedback on your writing?

Periodically we send out a call to authors and readers inviting them to participate in a Reading-Writing Session. These sessions are designed to provide authors with an audience that is willing to spend time reading, discussing and responding to a piece, or pieces, of their work. You are invited to participate as either a reader or an author. For authors, just submit a few poems or the first chapter of your book to

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for feedback from a selected panel of readers.

Interested readers
The deadline to submit is February 12th
Space is limited

Please use this form to contact us

Confidentiality is guaranteed and
Intellectual property rights will be respected

Submission Guidelines

To submit, mail eight copies of the First Chapter only, or
Send eight copies of a small selection of poetry to The Third House
To maintain anonymity please DO NOT put your name onto any of your work

We ask you to take the time to fill out the
Submission Form
to inform us that you plan to participate. It is available here.
— Please print out and use this PDF form as a covering letter when you submit your work —

Readers Form
Readers, please inform us if you would like to participate.
You too can use the form that is available here.


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