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The Arts OnSite
with Lady Nature

The Arts OnSite will reconvene in the Spring!

The Upper Flume Trail

ALL ARTISTS; whether their practice is in writing, dancing, theatre, painting, drawing, composing music or any other creative artistic passion; are invited to join in and participate in The Arts OnSite with Lady Nature. Every Monday at 9:00 a.m. we meet in the far northwest corner of the Shuswap Lake Estates parking lot, lower level. From here we carpool to a preselected outdoor space, nearby, to spend the day creating and enjoying nature. Got questions? Want to be on an email contact list? Contact me here.

OnSite #19, September 18th: It was a chilly morning!! The Arts OnSite will reconvene in the springtime.
OnSite #18, September 11th: Blue skies and sunshine — we went back to the mouth of the Adams River. How wonderful!
OnSite #17, August 28th:
This Monday we went to the mouth of the Adams River.
OnSite #16, August 21st: We went to the mouth of the Adams River. There are several lovely painting spots very close to the parking lot, in four different directions.
OnSite #15, August 14th: It was too smokey; nobody showed...
OnSite #14, August 6th:
This smoke is not very kind to us. This week, again I'm sorry. I won't think be going out to sit in it.
OnSite #13, July 31st:
Arts OnSite didn't happen due to smoke.
OnSite #12, July 24th:
We spent a lovely day on an abandoned farm with an old log barn and an old red house; very picturesque.
OnSite #11, July 17th:
Our health is the most important consideration and as the smoke thickened, we called it off.
OnSite #10, July 10th:
Called off; too smokey and blazing hot out there these days.
OnSite #9, July 3rd:
This day, being part of a long weekend will be a day of rest. We'll continue next week.
OnSite #8, June 26th: What a wonderful day! The temperature soared into the 30's but we spent the day in the coolness of a breeze on the Upper Flume Trail. See the picture above.
OnSite #7, June 19th:
We went to White Lake.
OnSite #6, June 12th:
The lupins were still in bloom so we went back to Scatchard Mountain, again.
OnSite #5, June 9th:
It only happens once each year… the lupins are in bloom! We spent the day on a hillside on Scatchard Mountain, amongst the lupins. How wonderful!
OnSite #4, May 29th: We missed last Monday because of the long weekend. This Monday, we’ll decide when we meet whether to go to Neskonlith Meadows, or elsewhere.
OnSite #3, May 15th:
We visited the Upper Flume, hiding in amongst the trees from the wind and rain; and yes it did rain.
OnSite #2, May 8th: We spent the day near the mouth of the Adams River.
OnSite #1, May 1st: We will meet at 9:00 a.m. to carpool to Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park. We will walk from the main parking lot, towards the viewing platform but before we get there, we’ll turn left down the Spur Trail to the little bridge that connects to the Island Loop. This is the area we’ll work in. Hope to see you. I know they’re forecasting rain but what, less than 1mm? We can handle that! Plan to be home in time for dinner in the evening.